ICAN Testimonials

Read what our Customer’s have to say about ICAN.

“It’s a rare thing for me to write a letter of recommendation for any contractor, however I’m glad to do so for this fine group.  It’s refreshing to be able to face the day working on a project with individuals that are honest, straight forth, and not looking for the easy way to do things just to protect their bottom line.”

Howard Bach
Moreland Altobelli
Program Manager

“One of the most innovative characteristics at ICAN is their ability to consistently be a solutions provider.  While most contractors look at design issues or changes in conditions to exploit delays and financial drawdowns, the team ICAN has demonstrated the ability to identify and overcome construction related issues as if they never existed.”

Mike Furbush
City of Newnan
Landscape Architect

“They demonstrated an ability to be a team player and develop solutions to issues arising during construction.  ICAN was able to deliver the project 2 months ahead of schedule while providing a reduction in the project construction contract for over sixty thousand dollars.”

Haven Thomas
Cobb County DOT
Project Engineer

“One of the characteristics that sets Integrated Construction and Nobility apart from the others is their ability to identify the end user’s needs in pre-construction, develop a plan and execute it under budget and on-time.  The team at ICAN and subcontractors has demonstrated the ability to do all components of construction in line with the leaders of the industry.”

Bob McCallister
Cobb County Parks
Aquatics Manager CPRP

“It takes a dedicated team of professionals to achieve this level of excellence.  Despite the challenges of site and vertical construction, as well as coordination with several municipalities, ICAN’s team excelled at every opportunity through effective project management and communication.”

Aaron St. Pierre
Lose and Associates, Inc.
Director of Landscaping and Architecture

“As an engineer, it means a great deal to work with individuals that have the best interest of everyone at heart.  Bringing owners, engineers, architects, and contractors together and functioning as a team is the key to a successful and rewarding project”.

Daryal Danley
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
Operations Manager

“Obviously, the sensitivity of projects around State Waters and Wetlands present its own set of challenges but the ICAN team was to the task and managed the process professionally.  In the competitive environment of contracting and construction a positive reputation and attention to detail is paramount.”

Jeffrey A. Eady
City of Forrest Park
City Manager

“We were kept fully informed of any issues as soon as they arose; and I appreciate how you introduced creative ideas that could improve the project outcome.  This demonstrates that you truly care about what you do and take pride in the end results.”

Ronda Helton
City of Newnan
Program Manager

“I appreciate the honesty and integrity that Scott Singleton and the team at ICAN personified.  Never during the entire process did I have any issues related to ICAN’s attention to quality, schedule, and their willingness to assist with any issues outside their scope that benefited the project”

G.A. “Skip” Layton
Falcon Design Consultants
Director of Municipal Services

“Scott was able to step in and take over management and complete the project.  He worked with many different departments in the local level, as well as the lenders.  There is no doubt in my mind that Scott will be an excellent addition to any project he is associated with.”

Karen Thompson
Georgia Small Business Lender
Director of Business Development

“ICAN demonstrated a high level of integrity and professionalism, which in return allowed the project to run smoothly and be delivered with a high level of quality.”

Dulce M. Guzman
Project Manager
DeKalb County Public Works

“Scott Singleton, Ryan Rayburn, and the rest of the team at Integrated Construction and Nobility provided one of the best experiences I’ve had working with general contractors.  It truly made my job easier knowing I was dealing with a company that understands how to balance the needs and wants of the community, along with good financial stewardship.”

Clai Brown
City Manager
Avondale Estates

“ICAN demonstrated a professional and ethical character for the entire construction period.  In short, Norcross considered the project a success and credits the efforts of ICAN as a key factor.  The city would welcome the opportunity to work with ICAN again.”

Jeffrey W. Mueller
City Manager
City of Norcross

“The construction project was $1,388,097 for 5 baseball fields, a restroom/concession/maintenance building, dog park renovations and other park site elements.  ICAN constructed the project on time and on budget.  I can highly recommend  ICAN for park construction.”

Ed Czyscon
Project Manager
Moreland Altobelli

“I found them to be very approachable and understanding of the City’s needs.  They were compliant of all our requests and were extremely professional in the way the conducted business.  I would recommend  them for any construction needs you may have.”

Brent Walker
Parks and Recreation Director
City of Dunwoody

“Often, people do not take the time to say thank you for a job well done.  I wanted to make certain this one was made in a timely manner.  Your excellent work met and exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Donald J. Horton
Post 3 Councilmember, Mayor Pro Tem
City of Roswell