Pinnacle Park Lake Dredging – $600,000

In July of 2015, ICAN was selected to complete the first phase of the Pinnacle Park renovation located in the City of Norcross. The lake located at the Park was constructed nearly 20 years ago, and the deposition of sediment into the lake over the last decade had made the aquatic sustainability at extinction.    In an effort to revitalize an aging office complex, the City’s first step was to make the lake meaningful again.  With a project value of $615,000, the project consisted of:

  • Removal of 10,000 Cubic Yards from lake
  • Reduce the water depth
  • Restore the storm water detention capabilities of the pond
  • Reduce the heat and drought on the water quality
  • Restore the original water quality protections of the pond on downstream receiving waters
  • Create healthier aquatic environment for the plants and animals that reside in the park
  • Restore the aesthetics of the pond and the surrounding park
  • Improve the ability to attract new business to the adjacent facilities
  • Restore the focal point of the park
  • Dredge the detention pond basins